Paeonia 'Athena'

type: [herbaceous peony] – [herbaceous hybrid]

ATHENA (Saunders) - Quadruple hybrid: Albiflora, officinalis, Macrophylla, Mlokosewitschi. Letter, 1955, says to be introduced.

ATHENA (1949) - Creamy buff.

Athena Ivory, flared conipicuously rosy. Late for this strain. ( QUADRUPLE HYBRIDS A "Mloko-macro" hybrid was crossed onto officinalis, and the resulting triple hybrid was in turn crossed onto an albiflora. Mloko gives them their golden ivory sheen, and many are brillantly flared. Introduced from 1949 on, their blooming season covers VE, E, and often on into M, Very few seeds are set.)

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Elizabeth Babb:

ATHENA (E)(Saunders) Ivory white single with bright raspberry red flares on the inside of each petal; golden stamens surround bright green carpels with rosy pink tips; a masterpiece for the early garden,

Athena (Saunders 1949) E.  Single; apricot-buff petals with prominent lavender flares emanating from the center, a unique and eye-catching color pattern, striking in the garden, on the show table and in floral design.  Light fragrance.  Medium size, erect bush, summer foliage appearance benefited by shade.  A Saunders Quads Hybrid, presumed triploid, but has useable fertility

Athena (Saunders, 1955) Ivory, single, very early, 30" tall, quadruple hybrid. This ivory flower glows with raspberry flares surrounding yellow stamens. One of the earliest to bloom. Very unusual and fit for royalty!


Season Early

Type Single

Color Apricot/Lilac

Size Medium size

Details (Saunders, 1949)

apricot-buff petals with prominent lilac flares emanating from the center. A unique and eye-catching color pattern, striking in the garden, on the plant and in floral design. Erect bush, summer foliage appearance benefited by shade.

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